Changing Technology in Fitness Centers

February 21, 2019

Technology is changing the way people interact with the world, and fitness centers are no different. An unprecedented level of data is being used to optimize workouts, redesign equipment placement, and improve the overall user experience.

Matrix Console Technology

Especially for cardio equipment, users expect console technology to be as sophisticated and responsive as other interfaces in their lives. Matrix Fitness features a high-quality console for cardio equipment called the XI Ultimate Console. Their 7xi and 7xe consoles feature an HD screen, Bluetooth capability, and access to popular streaming platforms for TV, music, and movies, as well as everyday apps for weather, social media, and news. Some of the pre-installed workouts include virtual/active coaching and Sprint 8 programs.

Touch screens can provide a wealth of data at the user’s fingertips and let them work out the way they want. For a fitness club owner or manager, certain equipment connectivity features can track which machines are getting the most use and at what times. This data can be used to prioritize floor-space. The equipment can even alert staff to required maintenance before it’s needed, reducing or even eliminating downtime.

User-based Technology

The latest fitness technology isn’t limited to the equipment. In fact, some of the most exciting new developments in the industry are in the form of user-based technology. For example, gyms are beginning to do away with the membership card, taking cues from user-recognition technology available to consumers elsewhere.

Automatic member recognition doesn’t stop at the front door; it can also be used for individual machines to configure them to a user’s personalized settings. In 2017, Apple Watch released software capabilities for users to connect to gym equipment and automatically record their workout data. This software, called GymKit, provides an easy and secure way for users to connect to both Matrix 7xi and 7xe consoles. The watch can also send heart rate information to the cardio machine, which helps users track their workout more precisely. The most sophisticated machines can even gather workout data from all the machines a person uses during a workout, compiling it on an easily accessible platform that lets the user track their progress over time. And, with eGym, users can log in on their console and proceed with a personalized eGym experience. All of this integration between Matrix and user-based software is designed to help fitness club owners provide the most enhanced experience for their customers.

Incorporate New Fitness Tech

Geaux Above, LLC understands that the modern fitness center or health club owner doesn’t always have time to stay on top of the latest tech trends in the industry. Keeping up with these trends is part of what we do, and our consulting services give you the benefit of our research and experience. We can help you incorporate the latest equipment or execute a data-driven design. Contact us today at 985.352.2051 for a free facility assessment.

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