Important Features of Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation

February 21, 2019

As an owner or manager of a rehabilitation or physical therapy facility, you want to make sure you’re serving clients to the best of your abilities. This includes having the appropriate fitness equipment to meet their needs. Learn how to shop around for the right items to fill your facility.

Stick With Trusted, Certified Brands

The brand of the equipment is often a good indicator of its durability and quality. Search well-known brands that have experience designing medical fitness equipment, such as Matrix Fitness or Spirit Medical Systems.

The Medical Leg Press by Matrix Fitness is a great example of certified equipment for rehabilitation purposes. Its low starting weight, adjustable range of motion, and foot platform for therapist control set it apart from standard fitness machines. Although its Med CE is a certification required by the European Union and not the U.S., this certification still indicates the equipment meets strict medical guidelines and safety standards.

Look for Rehabilitation Features

Make sure the equipment has easy-to-use features catered to users with limited mobility. Controls that can be adjusted by a therapist and an option with no additional resistance are ideal. Other crucial features include:

  • Bi-directional resistance
  • Reclining seat
  • Optional step stools or handrails
  • Adjustable range of motion

It Fits the Available Space

When purchasing equipment, confirm there’s enough space in the facility to safely fit what you would like to order. Consider having a facility assessment completed to confirm the exact measurements of the available space and the proper size and quantity of equipment to order.

Using the right, high-quality rehabilitation equipment is a key component for successful treatment and recovery. Geaux Above, LLC is dedicated to helping you find the best equipment for your patients. If you’re located in Louisiana or Mississippi, contact us at 985.352.2051 for a free facility assessment.

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