Product Spotlight: FitBench

February 21, 2019

The FitBench is an innovative piece of exercise equipment that acts like multiple pieces of equipment consolidated into one convenient package. This multipurpose storage bench comes complete with everything a person needs to meet their training and fitness goals. The FitBench is a great addition to a fitness center as it can be used for group fitness classes or individual workouts.

FitBench Design and Features

The FitBench is a compact box design constructed of rolled steel with a comfortable yet durable soft molded top. The bench body is sturdy enough to act as a bench for weight lifting and resilient enough to be a Plyo Box for stepping and jumping on and off. Within the body, the FitBench contains:

  • Two commercial kettlebells weighted 20 lbs and 30 lbs
  • One 15-lbs slam ball
  • Three resistance bands
  • Six sets of commercial-grade dumbbell weights from 5 lbs to 30 lbs

In addition, the FitBench contains anchor points for battle ropes, meaning it can be used for an even wider variety of workouts. When not in use, the wheels and easy-grip handles mean all that equipment can be rolled away for quick storage.

Working Out With the FitBench

One of the biggest draws of the FitBench is its versatility. A workout class can quickly alternate between free-weight work alongside or on the bench, then change to twists with the slam ball, bench jumps, or lunges. When the FitBench is not in use for a class, an individual can use it to maximize their efficiency by minimizing the time between sets in their circuit, building muscle, and burning fat all in one place.

At Geaux Above, LLC, we love introducing our clients to innovative equipment like the FitBench. We take the time to consult with clients and really get to know their space, showing them how to maximize their real estate through changes to the design and layout or incorporation of new space-saving equipment. We also prove 2D and 3D imaging to let fitness center owners and managers visualize changes to their spaces. Contact us online or call 985.352.2051 for a free facility assessment.

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